Shipbuilding and Offshore Consultant (SOC) is engineering company from Rotterdam, Netherlands. We cover different types of technical vessels: offshore, dredging, cargo and inland.

The core of our business are projects within shipbuilding and offshore industry:
– New-builds
– Modifications
– Upgrades
– Various custom made steel constructions and designs.

We dare to face the challenge

Onboard inspections, supervisions and problem detections

Basic design, calculations of dry docking, stability, mooring and heavy lifting

FEM & direct calculations of custom made steel constructions


Calculations of hull elements and drawings for approval of classification society


Workshop documentation : everything you need to build your ship, tailored to shipyard’s request


New windfarm near coast of Virginia (USA) will be installed, as an answer to world trends for green energy and pollution reduction. It was great pleasure to be part of Jan de Nul team and assist in mobilization for this project. I was responsible for FEM calculations of seafastening grillages, welding connections, buckling of hull structure and various lashings on board of Vole au Vent vessel.

It is good feeling to do something for green future.


Masterpiece of modern technology was born in Damen Dredging Equipment. New shallow-draft, 120m long electrically powered cutter dredger was designed by experienced team of engineers. It was real pleasure to be part of the team and contribute to development of this, by all means, very
unique design.


On behalf of SMK Ingenieurbüro GmbH from Kiel – Germany, FEM modeling and strength calculations were performed using Ansys software. Calculated sections were part of project of large new-build cruise vessel. This task required big hardware resources due to special meshing requirements.


One interesting trip to Beirut and visit of gas-tanker. Tanker needed installation of the crane on board. I investigated drawings and checked hull construction. Finally, I determined the exact position of the new crane. The solution was proposed to design department and crane was successfully installed.


Offshore access is easier than ever owing to the universal pedestal for Ampelmann system. As the lead naval architect of Royal Ross, I developed this design from basic concept, trough 3D modeling 2D drawings, up to FEM calculation.

This type-approved pedestal can be installed on any deck of sufficient strength, while height can be easily adjusted according to demands of every client.

The design was developed as an answer to a request for mobilization of ships within extremely short time frames.


One challenging project that required several visits to this magnificent vessel. As a member of IHC Merwede team and lead engineer for this project, I was guest few times on the board, investigating and solving different problems.

The main problem was the platform with equipment for cooling water supply. The platform was exposed to vibrations, causing damage to cooling equipment. Therefore, vibrations had to be eliminated and platform had to be re-designed.

Strength calculation and simulation of the re-designed platform was done using Ansys software.


Survey of new build hulls in shipyard was always high demanding task, especially when action takes place in China. I spent more than 7 months in this exciting country, supervising dry cargo vessels and tankers.


Despite the fact that Seven Seas is a masterpiece of Dutch shipbuilding industry, in practice was shown that there was a room for improvements. According to the experience of the crew on board of the ship, moonpool door locking at open sea was a time-consuming process.

Therefore, Life Cycle Engineering Department of IHC Offshore and Marine division got request to improve this system. I was honored to be a member of the team who investigated the problem and designed the new solution.

Besides that, Subsea 7 requested design of additional anti-collision compartment in way of crane foundation. This was a challenging game with rules, regulations and production capabilities of the shipyard.

About SOC

Shipbuilding and Offshore Consultant (SOC) is engineering company from Rotterdam, Netherlands. SOC is registered in Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) under number 62397974.
Founder of SOC is Nenad Marinkovic, entrepreneur naval architect with more than 14 years of experience in naval architecture.

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